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Commenti al concerto del 4 Luglio 2015
Certe notti il rock è vita - Pinarolo Po (PV)
L'Inverno by Antonio Vivaldi is a section of a four part sreies entitled The Four Seasons. Vivaldi, who was also referred to as the Red Priest, was a Venetian priest as well as a composer of Baroque style music. Composed by Vivaldi, this sreies is amongst his most famous work, and one of the most popular pieces of Baroque music. In Winter, by Vivaldi, there are a few instruments that Vivaldi used that happened to be quite popular at the time. One of these instruments, the harpsichord, was considered necessary for Baroque style music, and is clearly heard throughout Winter. Also heard in this piece are the cello, violins, and violas. This piece was written in a minor key so as to portray the feeling that Winter brought to people of that time period. The music reflects the fact that winter was a harsh time that oftentimes brought death with its presence. Not only is it the minor key that adds to the more angry sounding piece, but also the violin. In my opinion, the violin, with its complex melody over the simple, stable background, portrays a type of crudeness. This, however, doesn't last the entire piece. With the constant building expression and the fast tempo, Winter alters quite a bit throughout, so towards the end the violin sympathizes a tad. L'Inverno by Antonio Vivaldi is a statement of the Baroque time period. It is clear the kind of music that was produced, and my opinion of this music is not as harsh as some others may have been. I do not particularly enjoy every aspect of this piece, but I do, however, feel that I can tolerate it, and find myself picturing humorous scenes through the entire thing. In my head I pictured a fast moving, silent cartoon. In it, an older couple's house becomes cold due to the winter. THerefore, the man tries to build a fire. The lower strings are personified as the man. So, as they continue to be minor, he continues to get frustrated witht the fact that he can't get the match to light, the flu won't open, etc. Then, when the high strings come in, that is the woman, yelling at his incompetance. she easily can do all these things, and in the end they are sitting in front of the fire. As strange as this seems it lightens up the somewhat dull music from the Baroque time period. However, different strokes for different folks. some people may enjoy this music. I may not completely love it, but I respect it, and that is enough in my opinion.

Sab 25 Marzo
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San Benedetto Val di Sambro (BO)
Dom 16 Aprile
[con Cristina d'Avena]
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Torino (TO)
Sab 29 Aprile
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04 Luglio 2010
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